Colin A. Daly
Colin Daly is an active professional in the horse industry. Colin’s work has included coaching for the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association’s UC Davis Hunter/Jumper Team and establishing a successful show and training barn in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has also served as private trainer and facilities advisor to select clients in Santa Barbara, California.
Colin is called upon on a regular basis for his eye and ideas of design aspects of training facilities. Embarr Tackroom Designs is the culmination of years of work blending a deep understanding of the needs of horsemen with the beauty of custom made tack rooms. 
Matras Marshall produces furniture and other custom pieces for designers. His work ranges from modern furniture to custom installations for the film and television industries.
Matras produces for such companies as MTV, Nickelodeon, Bravo, Creative Static, Pasadena Showcase, as well as creating custom pieces for top Los Angeles designers. Matras’ design work also graced the Salt Lake City Olympics, 1996.
Matras’ understanding of product design and fabrication ensures the application of the latest materials available to each project.
Danny Caldwell designs and oversees art departments for films, television, commercials, videos and theater productions. Among his work, he’s designed for Lifetime Entertainment, MTV, The History Channel, Nickelodeon, The Bravo Network, and for Sony Entertainment's Metreon Center in San Francisco.
Danny is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the Art Directors Guild of America. His expertise in project management and logistics keeps Embarr Tackroom Design projects on track.